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Grow Pad LED XL

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This is an exclusive and very limited run we will be doing of this product. This 1.5-gallon capacity hydroponic system is perfect to grow a nice little herb garden or three medium plants (strawberries, tomatoes, peppers.)

The system comes with a water pump, water level indicator, metal frame for led light. The LED light has two timers, 16hrs/8hr or 12hr/12hr. 

Only 25 avaialble!

Model name Grow Pad XL LED
Water Tank Capacity 6L / 1.5 Gallons
Plant pod capacity 12 Small or 3 medium size
Dimensions  50 x 20 x 72CM / 20 x 8 x 29 inches 
Water Pump Included
Weight 2kg / 4.5lb
LED Light High power LED grow light 32W/15W
Timer Light 16hr/8hr or 12hr/12hr

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