Set Up Guide Grow Pad Mini

It All Starts With a Seed

Thank you for purchasing the Grow Pad Mini! It means a lot to us, and we are very happy that you are on your way to growing fresh herbs at home.


Your Grow Pad Mini should contain the following
- Base with Lamp
- 6oz Water Pot
- Black Nest
- Foam Substrate
- Micro USB Cord
- Seeds*

*Amazon orders do not have seeds. Request your FREE seed pack at the bottom of the page.


- Fill a glass with lukewarm water and put your substrate in it so it expands. Leave for 3 minutes.
- Take out substrate and place it into the black net.
- Place the black net into the white pot.
- Fill the pot with water until water level reaches max.
- Close the white pot with lid, twist it to secure it.
- Place the seeds ON TOP of the substrate. We recommend putting 3 to 5 seeds evenly distributed.

USB Power Cube

To connect your GPM you require a USB Power Cube. This is what will connect your cord to a power outlet. Your cube must provide 5V/1A of power.
If you do not have one or do not know what it is we have a resources section below with more information.

Connecting GPM

- Find a good place for you GPM, make sure its not a cold room or a place where it gets a lot of draft.
- Grab your USB cord, connect it to the power USB cube and then to the back of the GPM.
-If successful you will see the red light turn on.
- Place the pot on the base.
- Lower the lamp light to meet with the pot. You will move it up as your plant grows.
- To turn on your 12HR LED light press the button in the middle shown as a FLOWER. This will start the cycle.

Fan, LED, Lamp Light

There are three buttons on your GPM.

The fan button activates your little fan for 15 minutes and then turns off. We recommend using this when your plant is bigger. It allows for air to flow.

The plant button is your LED button. Turns on your LED light that promotes growth for your plant or herb. It has an automatic cycle of 12hrs on and then off. We recommend turning this on in the morning so at night it rests.

The sun button is your reading light button. It serves for you to read or have an extra little light around. You will have to turn this off manually as is not in a cycle. Do not use this light as a growing light. Turning on this light will interrupt the LED cycle light. So you will have to turn this on again at your preferred time.


Your pot has a window where it shows your water level. At the beginning you wont need to water as much but keep an eye on it. When your water level indicates low refill. You have a little opening covered by a rubber lid on the edge of your pot. Remove it and pour water slowly into it. Remember your pot holds about 6oz of water.

Do not refill putting water on the foam, it will drown or wash away your seeds.

Seedling Stage

Congratulations! You have a seedling or two. At this point 3-4 weeks have passed and you have something sprouting. This is an important moment and crucial for your plant to thrive.

- Adjust your light accordingly to avoid your plant from bumping into it.
- When you refill your tank include fertilizer.

IMPORTANT: We currently don't have any on stock but in our resources section at the bottom we have a link to one that you can purchase. You can use dry or liquid if you have at home. Remember the ratio, your pot holds 6oz. We recommend 1/4 teaspoon of fertilizer.

Common Issues

Hydroponics is a great way to grow plants but there are some things that can go wrong or you simply didn't know.
We have put together a great guide on telling you some issues that might appear. Yes including mold or algae! (It's totally safe and fine btw). Click the link below to learn more.

If you have any further questions or having issues with the Grow Pad Mini fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What Type of Plants Can the GPM Grow?

The GPM is a small unit but can grow a variety of herbs, house plants and small vegetable plants.

Herbs do the best, Rosemary, Chives, Basil, Mint etc.

For vegetables we recommend Micro-greens, lettuce or dwarf tomatoes.

For peppers and tomatoes we recommend using the GPM as a germination medium. The water system wont be enough to maintain these plants. So once your tomato or pepper plant has lost its infant leafs transplant it over to a bigger pot.

If you are interested in more plants visit our seed store by clicking the link below.


Filtered Water

Your plants or herbs can grow with any type of water. However, we recommend you use exclusively filtered water. The reason is because it has the best pH balance. You can find filtered water or bottled water at any convenience store or supermarket. 

Plant Fertilizer

While not important during the sprouting stage. After your herb or plant has sprouted, you will need plant fertilizer. Water does not contain any minerals necessary for your plant to grow and bloom. We recommend using any all-purpose, water-soluble plant fertilizer like the Miracle-Gro Solution. This will ensure your plant blooms and continues to grow.

View Fertilizer Options
USB Power Cube

In order to connect your Grow Pad Mini you need a USB power cube to connect it to your outlet. You can find them at any Walmart or Gas Station but you can also find it on Amazon. Below is a link for you to purchase one if you need it.

USB Power Cube

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