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Here you can find a list of general questions regarding the Grow Pad Mini. For Shipping and Warranty information scroll to the bottom.

Model name Grow Pad Mini
Plant pod capacity 1
Water Tank Capacity  100ml / 3.4 oz
Dimensions 155 x 102 x 40 mm / 6 x 4.8 x 1.6 inches 
Weight .47kg / 1lb

Easy! Soak soil substrate foam in a cup of water for about a minute. Then place it inside the pot. Grab a couple of seeds and place them on top of the substrate.

The main thing to take care of is water level and plant fertilizer. When it is a seed, your plant doesn't need plant fertilizer. Just make sure the LED cycle is activated. When the sprout has appeared, you can add a bit of plant fertilizer into your water. Remember to use filtered water. 

Once the plant is growing, check your water level regularly (about once a week), and add plant fertilizer to the mix. 

Always check your water level window. If it’s running low, add some more filtered water. For the seed/sprouting stage, you don't need to water very much. Once it has started growing, check at least once a week. 

We highly recommend using filtered water, however, you can use tap water. Filtered water is your best bet because it maintains the pH levels comfortable for your herbs to grow and survive. 

The main one, which we don't offer, is plant fertilizer. This is important for your herbs to grow and be healthy. The second is a pH measuring kit to ensure your water pH is comfortable for your herbs. The third is a pair of scissors to prune your herbs. 

We highly recommend getting some plant fertilizer. Unfortunately, we don't supply any at this time. This is very important for your herbs to grow. You can order some via Amazon or visit your local garden store. 

We supply you with a choice of cilantro, basil, or chives. However, you can also grow rosemary, curry, thyme, or even mint. If you have any questions, send us a message. 

Shipping Times

Most orders will arrive within 14–30 days, but we ask you to allow for a slightly longer delivery window due to COVID-19 impacting the logistics industry. 


Each product comes with a 1-month warranty protection starting from the date that you receive your product. You can purchase an extended warranty during the checkout process.

For now, only the USA. But if you are looking for the Grow Pad Mini in your country, send us a message, and we can figure out something for you. 

All seeds are marked with an expiration date on the package. 

We like to say 5–6 weeks; it could be sooner. If you are seeing that it's past the 7-week mark, please plant new seeds.

Sprouting takes about 5–6 weeks, then maturing another 2–3 weeks. Then you can harvest. If you harvest correctly and maintain your herbs, they could live up to 8 months. 

You will need a pair of scissors or just your hands. Each plant is different. If you have any questions, please visit your purchase email. 

Mold and algae are normal in hydroponics. Mold will normally happen in the sprouting stage. This is a sign of healthy bacterial activity. Some algae is also fine, but just a little bit. This is also a sign of a good, healthy ecosystem. However, if it's getting out of control, please reduce the light exposure of your Grow Pad Mini or make sure the pH levels are correct. 

Your warranty is activated automatically when USPS marks the delivery of your Grow Pad Mini. If you did not purchase the extended warranty, you have 30 days only. If you would like to purchase an extended warranty, please contact us at support@thefarmculture.com.

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