5w USB Power Adapter

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How It Works

1. Unbox Your GPM

Your Grow Pad Mini includes a soil foam substrate, seeds, USB cord, and a platform with an LED light.

2. Assemble

Connect your Grow Pad Mini to a power source, place the pot on the base, and add the substrate into the pot.

3. Sow and Water

Add a couple of seeds onto the substrate and add clean, filtered water. Now watch it grow!

4. Harvest

After 6 weeks, you can start harvesting your herbs for up to 6 months!

What is in your pack?

With Grow Pad Mini, you’ll receive a small, self-watering planter to grow organic, pesticide-free, healthy herbs and flowers with a complimentary set of seeds (basil, chives, and cilantro).

Quality substrate

with perfect composition so your plant can better absorb nutrients, water, and oxygen at all times

12hr automatic on and off light

that provides enough light and solves the problem of indoor plant withering due to too much or too little illumination

15-Minute Fan

that provides airflow and prevents growth of bacteria and other harmful pathogens

Watering Compartment

with level indicator so you know immediately when your little plant is thirsty

Perfect for growing herbs and microgreens

full of nutrients on your desk or nightstand

Complimentary Seeds

1 per pad