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What is the Grow Pad Mini?

The Grow Pad Mini is a compact Hydroponic system that allows you to grow herbs at home or to start healthy Hydroponic seedlings.

Grow Pad Mini is armed with a Smart LED system, which automatically cycles every 12 hours and ensures whatever you grow absorbs the light it needs to thrive. I was so tired of seeing systems with dinky lights or none at all. This way you can grow without any sunlight — Grow Pad’s got you covered!

The system is designed to carry water from the reservoir, flowing into and nourishing your crop. Also, instead of soil, my hydroponic system uses a foam substrate, so you can forget about the mess. Grow Pad Mini is the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic.

With hydroponics, you can grow indoors year-round. Heck, you can grow these right in your pantry if you want! Personally, I spread mine everywhere. I have one on the kitchen counter for herbs, one on the windowsill for tomatoes, and another in my bedroom with flowers.

No matter where you choose to keep your Grow Pad Mini, it will enrich the room!

I built the Grow Pad Mini with a simple system, removing all the complications from traditional gardening. And they’ll deliver successful harvests — every time. I’m not the most inclined gardener, which is how I began my hydroponics journey.

Grow Pad Mini requires simple steps without any guesswork!

In terms of usage, you just set up the device, add some seeds, and flick on the light. About once a week, the water level will indicate it’s time for a drink. That’s it!

If I can use the Grow Pad Mini to grow plants, so can you!

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Retail $50.00

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